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Northbridge Youth Softball functions solely by the support of parents and family members who volunteer and sponsors in our community. People who are gracious enough to take extra time out of there busy schedule to help support encourage the girls of our community to be the best they can be.

You can help through being on the NYS board, assisting with coaching a team, helping at opening day, maintenance during field cleanup, or taking a shift at the snack shack. Every contribution, no matter how small, makes the league better and stronger, therefor benefiting the girls. Plus you would be amaze how happy you feel to see the similes on there face, the joy to be addresses as coach, and the pride your child has that you are taking the time to spend not only with them but also there friends.  

The NYS Snack Shack, is a concession stand at the Linwood Fields. This is a seasonal stream of income that depends completely on volunteers. This income allows NYS to offer free clinics, purchase new equipment, and more. This would never be possible without the help of volunteers taking the time to man the concessions during home games. Help is always needed. Email to sign up for a shit.

If you are interested in helping in any way please email [email protected] or message us on FB
Opportunities are always available. YOU ARE NEVER TO LATE TO HELP!   


How does a snack shack run without volunteers?  It doesn't!  

The girls really need your help!  Please sign up for at least one turn selling ring pops, chips, drinks, and whatever else we stock this season.  The shack has a view of all fields and you wouldn't miss a minute of your player's game.  Another bonus? You would be out of the hot sun, wind, or rain (if mother nature doesn't cooperate). 

Click below to access the sign up sheet.  Find your coach's name to see which days you'll be at the field and enter your name and email / cell # in the next columns.  We would like two people per game to run the shack (in case someone needs to leave for a few minutes) and besides, it's more fun with company!

Thank you for your support!


Opening Day is coming up fast and we need some help!

Your kids will be running around without you anyway, so why not sell some raffle tickets, help in the snack shack, or supervise an activity?  

If you (or your high school student who needs community service credits!) would be willing to help with the Opening Day celebration, please enter your name and contact information in the link below.  

We thank you for your support!

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